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About us

TECHNOSENSE is a high technology company with high expertise in the design, manufacture, technological development, system installation and support of private and public sector for environmental monitoring activities and observing systems. The Company is activated in Sofia, Bulgaria and provides its products and services worldwide.

The KATERINA-ELAS system | details



The ELAS system is an innovative subsea in-situ gamma-ray spectrometer, and can be deployed in any aquatic environment (coastal waters, open sea, groundwater, lakes, rivers, etc.) with difficult weather conditions (bad weather, storms etc). The system provides as output energy spectra of gamma-ray emitters due to natural and manmade radiation that are released to the environment. The system operates autonomously, can be installed on floating measuring systems and can provide time series of data without computer connection.

The ELAS subsea system is developed and applied for measuring marine radioactivity using as a crystal NaI(Tl). This apparatus is designed for quantitative radionuclide detection in the marine environment with maximum depth of deployment 4200m. The system provides activity concentration in absolute units i.e. Bq/m3 or Bq/L using a updated method of quantification and taking into account the marine efficiency of the system (as measured in three energies and calculated in all energies of interest).